Thank you for taking the parent/community stakeholder survey for the Whitewater Unified School District. The feedback you’ll be providing will help to guide our decision making processes and help us to focus our time and resources on the priorities our parents have determined are most urgent.  Please indicate which school(s) your child(ren) attend and provide feedback for the general school experience your child(ren) have.  We ask that each family take one survey.  We hope you will put your name to the feedback you are providing, but you may take this survey anonymously. Near the end of the survey we have fields for participants to provide specific feedback on school processes.  We also have a field for you to request one of our administrators contact you to discuss your feedback personally. 

Thank you again for taking a few minutes to help the school district in our strategic planning process. 

* 1. Name (Optional):

* 2. I have children in the following buildings:

* 3. My child enjoys going to school.

* 4. My child feels a sense of belonging at this school.

* 5. My child looks forward to seeing the adults at this school.

* 6. My child's school values diversity.

* 7. The adults at this school encourage my child.

* 8. The adults at this school respect my child.

* 9. The teachers at this school care about how well my child does in school.