Thank you for participating in the 2018 CCEE Annual Survey!

The California Council on Economic Education (CCEE) provides economics and financial literacy training and resources to K-12 teachers, students and their parents, throughout California. CCEE’s overarching mission is to help California’s students gain a real world understanding of economics and personal finance, so they can make better decisions and compete and succeed in the global economy.

At CCEE, we believe that economics and personal finance education are applicable across grade levels and disciples. Therefore, we welcome all K-12 educators in California to participate in this survey.

We suggest that you reserve approximately 10 minutes to complete this survey. Every question matters and the information we gather will be used to inform CCEE’s programming.

For every survey submitted before March 1, 2018, CCEE will dedicate $5 to a scholarship fund designed to support an undergraduate student in California who demonstrates financial need and is pursuing coursework related to economics or personal finance.
Together, we can empower students in California to become financially literate, develop economic reasoning skills, invest in their future, and pursue their dreams!