This year AOA will, once again develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide us through the next 3 years. Please complete the needs assessment as this is the tool where you, as the member, voice your opinion. Our members' input help us develop our strategic plan and yearly work plans to move the association forward and tell us what is important to you. As a reward for completing this survey, you will receive a $10 gift card from Target in the mail. You need to complete 100% of the questions to receive the gift card. Additionally, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Thank you for your help. We value your membership in the AOA and want to hear from you.
AOA Member Benefits and AOA Products

Question Title

* 1. Please rank the benefits that you feel you are receiving from the AOA that provide you and your practice with significant value.

  1 Poor 2 Fair 3 Adequate 4 Very Good 5 Excellent N/A or Unaware
Annual educational conference
Discussion forums
Oto's Scope
Fast Practice monthly e-communication
AOA Now weekly news email website
Certification in Otolaryngology Practice Management
Salary and Benchmarking surveys
AOA University on-line staff training
EngagemENT Live text questions
The ENT Voice

Question Title

* 2. Which AOA printed or printable resources have you purchased or received in the last 2 years?

  Yes No Not aware of
Benchmarking Survey
The Otolaryngology Resource Manual
Salary Survey

Question Title

* 3. To what extent do you find value in the AOA resources listed below?

  Little or No Value Poor Value Good Value Very Good Value Excellent Value N/A
Benchmarking Survey
Otolaryngology Resource Manual
Salary Survey
Other specified above

Question Title

* 4. Have you ever visited the Practice Management Resource Library and/or downloaded any of the resources/templates on the website?

  Visited Dowloaded information
Not aware

Question Title

* 5. For what purpose(s) have you visited the AOA websites ( or Please check all that apply

14% of survey complete.