Planning is underway for the next ACUA Annual Conference to be held September 9-13, 2018, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Session proposals are being solicited at this time. You may submit multiple proposals separately.  Please submit the information below by Friday, February 16, 2018.

* 1. Please complete the following information for the primary presenter/contact person. (Fields denoted with * require an answer.)

* 2. Will your presentation include co-presenter(s)? You will be required to provide the name of the co-presenter(s) at the time of submission.

* 3. Contact Information for co-presenters:

* 4. Are you an ACUA Member?

* 5. Below is a list of subject areas/categories that have been offered at past annual conferences. Please choose one of the following categories that best fits the content of your presentation or check "Other Ideas" and enter the category name:

* 6. Title of Presentation

* 7. Learning Objectives (maximum of 3). Please limit to 100 characters or less.

* 8. Give a brief synopsis (80 words or less) of the content of your presentation.

* 9. What will be the length of your presentation?

* 10. Level of Studies

* 11. Program Prerequisites:

* 12. What element(s) of audience engagement (interactive component) will you employ during your presentation?

REMINDER: Before you submit, please feel free to print this submission for your records. You will not receive an official confirmation from ACUA.

A Track Coordinator will follow-up with you by April 2, 2018. Thank you for your submission!