1. Call for Nominations for the 2018 ACM Board of Directors

About the ACM Board of Directors
As articulated in the Association’s bylaws, the ACM Board of Directors is composed of seventeen (17) to twenty (20) senior staff members from current ACM museum members in good standing. The ACM Board of Directors serves as the overall governance body of the association, and is composed of an Executive Committee of officers and At-Large members.
ACM strives to achieve a balanced representation on the board with respect to institutional, geographic, and personal diversity.

The slate is developed by the ACM Nominating committee, which is comprised of representatives from the ACM Board of Directors and the general membership. 
For more information about Nominations and Elections Procedures, click here.

ACM is currently soliciting nominations of individuals for consideration for board service for at least two (2) positions. Nominations (including self-nominations) are being accepted through January 31, 2018.  
Thank you so much for your engagement in contributing to ACM's strong governance practice and supporting leadership in our community.

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* Nomination #2

* Nomination #3

If you have nominated someone other than yourself, please include your contact information below. The ACM Nominations Taskforce may follow up with you regarding your nominations for more information and insight as the slate is developed.

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