Your Organization and Team

* 2. What is your primary job function?

* 4. What marketing-related activities is your team responsible for internally vs. using outside partners or contractors to execute?

  N/A Internal Only Combination of Internal & Partner Resources Mostly Partner Resources
Website Optimization (UX, A/B Testing, Content Optimization)
Digital Radio Advertising (Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
Traditional Radio Advertising (Satellite AM/FM)
Pay-per-click (PPC)
Online Display Advertising
Content Creation
Cold Calling Efforts
Email Marketing 
Social Media (Paid)
Social Media (Organic)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Events and Tradeshows
Print Ads (Magazine, Newspaper)
Out-of-Home (Billboard, Installations)
Public Relations
Media Buying
Marketing Strategy
CRM Implementation and Management
Marketing Automation 
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