Your DSA Information

This survey is intended to collect human-resources information about individual DSAs nationwide in order to find and share trends among Down syndrome nonprofits. The final, collective results will serve DSA members as a resource, and guide their hiring, compensation and benefit decision making. We ask that your organization contribute your information and perspectives. Your answers will inform how DSAIA reports national trends and are critical to seeing the most complete picture of our niche nonprofit space.

We appreciate your complete and honest answers when responding to this survey. Your answers are completely confidential.  We understand that this survey collects sensitive information, and your privacy is of greatest priority. 

We do ask that participants provide organization name and contact, which, yes, can be linked back to the results. We do this so if we receive multiple surveys from one organization, we can remove duplicate data so it doesn't effect results. Your organizational information and the answers you provide will never be connected outside the confines of DSAIA employees participating in this project.

If you have any questions about your privacy or the survey in general, contact us at

Also important, we suggest that the individual completing the survey be either a top level staff person or a board president/chair.

* 1. How many individuals with Down syndrome (or families) does your organization currently serve?

* 2. What was your organization's 2017 operating budget?

* 3. Is your organization a member of DSAIA?

* 4. What state is your organization located in? (while you may serve many geographic areas, for this question we would like to know the specific state that you operate out of.)

* 6. Tell us about your organization's office space, location, space or facility.

* 7. Please enter the complete name of your organization. (please NO anagrams!)

* 8. Please enter the name and title/role of the person completing this survey.