Parent - 2018 Title II Needs Assessment and Equity Plan

Dear Parent,

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. We need your opinions as a parent. Your answers will help us decide how to best use federal money for teachers' training classes. Your answers are confidential, and you will never be identified.

If you would like to complete the survey for more than one child, please finish a survey for your first child, close the survey, then simply click the survey link again and a new survey will begin.

The estimated time to complete the survey is between 3 and 5 minutes. Thank you very much for your help.

* 1. Please select the name of your child's school.

* 2. Which of these following programs is your child enrolled in? (Please select all that apply.)

* 3. My school/district provides students with a well-rounded education, including access to an enriched curriculum and educational experience.

* 4. My school/district promotes a positive learning and work environment.

* 5. My school/district offers a clean and safe school environment.

* 6. My school/district ensures all students have access to appropriate supports and interventions to improve student achievement.

* 7. My school/district ensures school personnel are able to effectively connect students to appropriate academic supports and interventions. 

* 8. My school/district supports equitable access to effective school teachers and leaders for all students including low-income and minority students.  

* 9. My school/district employs teachers and paraprofessionals who hold professional qualifications that correspond with their teaching assignments.

* 10. My school/district teachers are effective.

* 11. My school/district school leaders are effective. 

* 12. My school/district provides opportunities for continuing education for teachers and school leaders.

* 13. My school/district experiences low teacher and school leader turnover.

* 14. My school/district prioritizes local, state, and federal funds in a way that is equitable, promotes student achievement and is fiscally responsible.

* 15. My school/district actively seeks to engage external stakeholders.

* 16. My school/district actively and effectively communicates with external stakeholders.

* 17. My school/district provides educational opportunities using state of the art technology.

* 18. My school/district effectively prepares students for post-secondary opportunities.

* 19. What else about your child's school do you want to say?