This registration form is for the "OPS Guns n Roses" dragon boat racing team.  Registration is open to anyone on a first-come-first-served basis to a total of 24 members.

This form will only take a few minutes to complete. It contains important information to help plan for the team. We only collect what we need and do not share this information with anyone.

Please note that you will not be asked for payment at the end of this form. Payment is completely separate from registration and we appreciate paddlers registering as soon as possible so we can start communicating with the team as it builds and then during the program.  You will be notified via e-mail regarding payment options and timing.

NOTE: When you have answered all questions, please ensure that you click the DONE button once at the bottom of the form, and wait until you are displayed with the THANK YOU page. You may then close any Survey Monkey windows that were opened.

* 1. Please enter your full name (first and last).

* 2. Please enter your e-mail address.  This will be our primary way to communicate with members, including helping everyone prepare for the first practice.

* 3. [Optional] Please enter your phone number. A cell number is preferable if available.  This is only used for your benefit if there are any last minute schedule changes (or a question) and we would like to try to reach you.

* 4. Do you consent to the use of your name and/or picture on our website or social media?  We minimize the use of individual pictures and focus at the team level, and we also normally post team member names on website.  In any case, you may at any time in the future request a picture or name be removed.

* 5. How will you be getting to the Balmy Beach practice site? It is located 10 Ashbridges Bay Park Road ("Beaches Lions Club" building on south-west corner of Coxwell Ave and Lakeshore Blvd East). You can select more than one choice.

* 6. [Optional] Please let us know what side of the boat you would like to paddle on. If you are new, please indicate "Don't Know".  This doesn't lock you to a side, but gives the coach a starting point for balancing the boat.  All paddlers will be encouraged to at least try their opposite side if they already paddle on one side only.

* 7. The club will be using the same jerseys as the previous (2017) season.  If you already have one, please indicate below.  If you need a jersey, please indicate your size below (this will be reconfirmed later with jersey samples).  Jerseys are a separate $20 cost from the team registration fee.  

* 8. Please enter any comments you want to make that may not have been captured above. We encourage you to indicate how you heard about us, what you are looking for overall from this team, and/or why you decided to join us!

* 9. [Optional] What team(s) have you paddled on before? (no prior experience is required)

Thank you for registering for this dragon boat racing team. You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 2 days from the team manager, coach, or team co-captain.  E-mail will be used as the primary method of communicating to you over the course of the program, including information to help you get ready for your first practice.

If you have any questions about the form, please don't hesitate to contact team co-captains as detailed on the team web page, or team manager Tim MacFarlane at or cell 647-971-7332.

When you click DONE, wait the for confirmation page and then you can close any open Survey Monkey windows.