Every day, the editors at Canadian HR Reporter report on all the great work human resources professionals across the country do — now it's time to put the spotlight on these best practices and find that one person who is at the top of their game.

We're not looking for the biggest name, or the person with the fanciest title. We're looking to honour an HR professional who made a big difference at their company, or in the profession.

Please tell us about your accomplishments or the accomplishments of the HR professional you are looking to nominate.

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Note: Information submitted in this form will not be shared publicly. It will only be viewed by Canadian HR Reporter/Thomson Reuters staff and the judges for this category. If you are selected as the winner in this category, Canadian HR Reporter will approach you for a story we're working on for October 2018 issue. We will also send a video crew to your workplace to produce a short film on your award-winning program. Winners will be invited to an exclusive gala reception on Sept. 20 in downtown Toronto. (Note: Date subject to change.)