A simple thank you can go a long way in boosting morale and employee engagement. But that's not the be all and end all of a good recognition program — investments such as service awards, gifts for milestone achievements, points and on-the-spot programs can pay huge dividends when it comes to employee loyalty.

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* 1. Outline your recognition strategy, stating your organization's philosophy and purpose for recognition:

* 2. Describe your plan for how recognition practices and programs reinforce and drive your business and people strategies, as well as your organization's culture:

* 3. Please list the various recognition programs you currently have under formal or informal categories:

* 4. Describe how your senior leadership, as well as managers, understand the importance of employee recognition and are committed to exemplary usage of your recognition programs:

* 5. Describe the personnel, operational structure, vendors and methods you use across the company to administer your recognition programs:

* 6. Describe the quantitative and qualitative metrics you use to prove the effectiveness of your recognition programs, beyond operational measures of participation and usage:

* 7. What percentage of annual base salary or per full-time equivalent do you spend on employee recognition programs?

* 8. Explain how you measure the ROI of your recognition programs and the business impact you achieve from programs:

* 9. How was employee perception of recognition rated on your last employee engagement survey?

* 10. Describe how you educate managers and employees on the "why" of giving recognition and train them on how to give effective and meaningful recognition with your programs:

* 11. What methods do you use to communicate and reinforce the importance of employee recognition and the use of your recognition program?

* 12. Explain the process you use to regularly improve and innovate your recognition programs, based upon employee input and program data collected:

* 13. What examples of innovative recognition practices do you feel set you apart from other organizations?

* 14. Please describe any other aspects of your program not covered in the questions above:


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