Diversity is a large umbrella — it relates to many programs, including women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, Aboriginal Peoples, LGBT, religion, age and more. Your nomination can cover a wide variety of programs, or focus in one specific program that has been successful.

If you want to attach any supporting documentation, please send it as an attachment (preferably as a PDF or Word document) via email to Todd Humber, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Canadian HR Reporter, at todd.humber@thomsonreuters.com

* 1. In the last five years, has the organization had a human rights judgement against it?

Note: If you answer yes to question 1, you are not eligible to participate in the selection process for the Best Diversity Program Award as part of the National HR Awards.

* 2. Tell us about your diversity program — including name/target group and purpose:

* 3. Tell us about key aspects of the program:

* 4. How is the program's success measured?

* 5. What is the impact of the program?

* 6. Does your company have a diversity and inclusion strategy with a vision statement that positions diversity and inclusion as a priority and ties it to your mission statement?

* 7. How do you communicate your diversity program to staff:

* 8. Does your organization have a formal process for employees to communicate their concerns about diversity issues in a non-threatening manner, and are all employees made aware of this process upon hiring?

* 9. Are your senior managers held accountable for diversity goals?

* 10. Are your front-line managers held accountable for diversity goals?

* 11. Does your company have recruitment policies in place to remove any barriers that may prevent some groups for applying or qualifying for positions?

* 12. Does your company have policies in place to remove any barriers that may prevent some groups from qualifying for or receiving promotions?

* 13. Do your recruiters and interviewers receive training on bias-free recruitment, selection and hiring?

* 14. Please describe any other aspects of your program not covered in the questions above:


* 15. Organization profile: Please tell us briefly about your organization and the scope of its operations

* 16. How many employees do you have?

* 17. Please enter the name and contact information for the person submitting this information:

* 18. Check the box below to indicate that the above statements are a true representation of what is occurring at your organization, and that you are authorized to act as an agent for your organization in submitting this information to Canadian HR Reporter for judging purposes for the 2018 National HR Awards competition.

Note: Information submitted in this form will not be shared publicly. It will only be viewed by Canadian HR Reporter/Thomson Reuters staff and the judges for this category. If you are selected as the winner in this category, Canadian HR Reporter will approach you for a story we're working on for the October 2018 issue. We will also send a video crew to your workplace to produce a short film on your award-winning program. Winners will be invited to a gala reception to receive their awards on Sept. 20 in downtown Toronto. (Note: Date subject to change.)