New CIT Applicants (To be completed by the CIT candidate - not the parent/guardian.)


Thank you for your interest in the CIT program at Tate's Day Camp. We are preparing to have a great 2018 summer.

The primary goal of the CIT program is to provide valuable training and experiences to assist you in preparing for real-life challenges and future working environments.

Although this program is filled with "education," rest assured, this is not school and we pack plenty of adventure, action, and fun into the CIT curriculum.

Please complete this online application and click submit. After reviewing your application, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your interview. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (865) 690-9208 or email

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* Check the CIT sessions in which you wish to enroll.

* How did you first learn about Tate's Day Camp and the CIT program?

* What other activities will you be involved in this summer?

* Name of High School?

* Grade you will be attending in the Fall 2018?

* Have you ever been suspended/expelled from school

* What other activities will you be involved in this summer?

* List any previous camper experience, when? where?

* Please list any training, experiences, extracurricular activities, and/or honors.

Personal References: List at least two (2) people including coworkers, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. who can make a statement regarding character and abilities.  Do not include relatives.

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I understand that any untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein may result in denial of privileges and/or dismissal from the Counselor-In-Training Program.  I understand that while at Tate's Day Camp, I must follow both camper policies and staff policies.  I also understand that by completing the Counselor-In-Training Program, I am in no way guaranteed a job with Tate's Day Camp in the future.  (Tate's Day Camp generally seeks qualified staff that are 18 years of age and older and have graduated from High School.)

In addition to submitting this online application, please email the following two pieces of information to

1) A written recommendation letter from one of the above references that comments about your character, leadership abilities, and why you would make a good CIT.

2) An essay (approximately 100 words) about why you want to be  CIT and what you hope to gain from the program.  Include things like what you can contribute to the program and what experiences, training, and knowledge you expect to gain.

After you click the submit button, you should proceed to a "Thank You" page. If you return to the top of your application, then please review your answers. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.