Friday, May 4th to Saturday, May 5th
Vantage College, UBC

BC TEAL is thrilled to be hosting the 2018 Annual Conference. We encourage you to submit workshop and presentation proposals. We will give priority to sessions that are 45-minutes in duration and that focus on practical classroom application.

Before You Submit:
1. Ensure that you have read the Proposal Guidelines.
2. Ensure that all fields are complete, and that the submission is checked for accuracy and clarity.

The deadline for proposal submission is Friday, February 16, 2018.

Please note that confirmed presenters will receive a 20% discount on registration fees. Kindly wait to register until you receive confirmation that your proposal has been accepted. Confirmed presenters will be emailed a discount code to be used during registration in time to take advantage of early bird pricing.

If you have any additional questions, please email

* 1. Please enter your primary contact information (assumed to be Presenter 1).

* 2. Presenter Information: Presenter 2

* 3. Presenter Information: Presenter 3

* 4. Presenter Information: Presenter 4

* 5. Privacy Options:
BC TEAL publishes a contact list in the Conference Program to allow attendees to connect with presenters.
Checking the boxes below indicates that you will permit BC TEAL to publish Institutional Affiliation, Email, and/or Twitter addresses for ALL presenters for a session. 

Presenter Information:
We require the name, institutional affiliation, and email address for ALL presenters. Privacy options selected above will be respected for all presenters. Please fill in the fields for up to 4 presenters below. If you have 5 or more presenters (not recommended), please fill in the section "Special Instructions" at the end of the submission form.

* 6. Session Information:
Information in the fields for workshop title, summary, and presenter(s) bios will appear AS IS in the program. Please describe your session for the program booklet so that it will be clear to delegates what they will view/hear/do if they choose to attend your session. Note that anything over the word limit will be cut.

* 7. Summary (for Program, MAX 50 words)

* 8. Detailed Session Description (for reviewers, MAX 200 words)

* 9. Session Information (con't): Type of presentation
Please check 1.

* 10. Session Information (con't): Key Topics
Please check to a MAX of 3 choices. Your choices will help the committee to select and schedule sessions.

* 11. Equipment Requests:
All presentation rooms at Vantage College have a computer and LCD Projector. Presenters are requested to have their presentation on a flashdrive or to bring their own laptops. Mac users will need to supply their own adapters. Please let us know if you require speakers and Internet below.

* 12. Special Instructions:
Please let us know if you have any special room set-up requests, additional presenters, or other pertinent information regarding your proposal.

* 13. What day(s) of the conference are you able to present?

* 14. Would you be willing to present twice (on Friday and Saturday)?

Thank you!
Before submitting this form, kindly ensure that all the required information is included, content is correct, and that maximum word limits have been respected.

Once you click on SUBMIT, please be assured that your proposal submission has been received. An email confirmation will NOT be sent.

You will receive a response by March 1, 2018 regarding the status of your submission. If your proposal is accepted, you will be eligible for a 20% discount for presenters. Please wait to hear the results of your submission before you register for the conference. If accepted, presenters are required to register for the conference by a deadline given by the organizers. If presenters do not register, the session will be removed from the program.