Commitment to Player Availability

Weston Little League offers several options for Summer Baseball. Timely registration and the completion of this survey, by parents will determine which programs we can offer for various age groups.  

We will be fielding a Williamsport Tournament team (Little League World Series) and hope to participate in Bay State Baseball and/or Jimmy Fund summer leagues. Again, this depends on registration and commitment information from parents/players.  

Williamsport Tournament - This is an INVITATION ONLY team that is made up of All-Star players from the National League.  Williamsport is considered a continuation of the Spring season – no additional registration fees are required.  Only 12 players will be selected to play on the team.

The team will begin practices very soon after the National League Playoffs.  They will practice nearly every day. The tournament starts with a guarantee of 5 games beginning in late June.  GAMES WILL BE PLAYED JULY 4th Weekend.  The top 2 teams from pool play enter into a 4-team, single elimination playoff with the top two from another pool.  The winner of that playoff is crowned the District 13 Champion and proceeds to the Sectional Level.  The Tournament proceeds through the Sectional, State, Regional, and Little League World Series rounds.  This is very competitive baseball and high levels of skill and commitment are required to participate if invited.  Players are chosen based on several factors, including:  Coach's evaluations, Player Availability, Position Needs and Age. The Williamsport Committee, consisting of impartial members of the Weston Little League Board of Directors, makes final roster selections.  Stating that your player wishes to be considered for the team is NOT a guarantee of selection.
BAY STATE - This is league is the most competitive offering Weston Little League has besides Williamsport.  Games are played in towns all over Eastern MA; however, significant effort is made to keep teams close to home during the week. There are different divisions based on age and each division has different schedules. All 12 year old players and some 11 year olds will play on a 70' diamond ("A" Division) and play full baseball rules. Leading, stealing on the pitch, and balks are now part of the game.  A-Division plays Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Weekday games typically start at 5:45 unless playing at a lighted field.  Weekend game times vary.  B-Division (11 & 10 yr olds) is traditional 60' diamond and follows typical Little League rules.  "B" plays the same schedule as the "A" team. There is also an option for a "C" team (10 & 9 year olds) that plays on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. See for more information.  Cost is $275.

The Bay State season includes games for approximately three weeks, beginning in late June. If the Weston team qualifies, they play in the first Trophy Weekend on July 16 and 16. After this weekend, teams are reseeded, based on record, and play more games, culminating in a second Trophy Weekend, if the team qualifies, on August 5 and 6.  If the Weston team(s) qualify, they advance to the Tournament of Champions for Bay State, which takes place on August 12 and 13.

JIMMY FUND - This is designed to be more of a recreational summer league.  Depending on age group, games are either Mon., Wed. and every other Friday, or Tues, Thurs., Alternate Fri.  NO WEEKEND games.  The season is typically only 4 weeks with a short playoff for qualifying teams.  11 & 12 year olds will play on a 70' diamond, all others will play on 60' diamond.  Games are played against the neighboring towns of Wayland, Acton, Concord, Sudbury, and Maynard.  Cost is $275.

* 1. Player's Name?

* 2. Player's Date of Birth?

* 3. Best Email Address for Contact?

* 4. Program your player is interested in?  (Select as many as apply)

* 5. Please state your players availability to play on the given date.  PLEASE NOTE: This information will be used to determine our ability to field teams throughout the season.  If you state your player is Available on a specific date, we will consider that a commitment to play if an event is scheduled.  If you reply as NOT Available, rosters for that day will be built without including your player.  A high amount of NOT Available days may jeopardize your players ability to participate on a team, or put them into an "Alternate Player" status.  Priority will be given to players who can commit to the full season schedule for the respective league.

  Available NOT Available
6/18/2017 Sunday
6/19/2017 Monday
6/20/2017 Tuesday
6/21/2017 Wednesday
6/22/2017 Thursday
6/23/2017 Friday
6/24/2017 Saturday
6/25/2017 Sunday
6/26/2017 Monday
6/27/2017 Tuesday
6/28/2017 Wednesday
6/29/2017 Thursday
6/30/2017 Friday
7/1/2017 Saturday
7/2/2017 Sunday
7/3/2017 Monday
7/4/2017 Tuesday
7/5/2017 Wednesday
7/6/2017 Thursday
7/7/2017 Friday
7/8/2017 Saturday
7/9/2017 Sunday
7/10/2017 Monday
7/11/2017 Tuesday
7/12/2017 Wednesday
7/13/2017 Thursday
7/14/2017 Friday
7/15/2017 Saturday
7/16/2017 Sunday
7/17/2017 Monday
7/18/2017 Tuesday
7/19/2017 Wednesday
7/20/2017 Thursday
7/21/2017 Friday
7/22/2017 Saturday
7/23/2017 Sunday
7/24/2017 Monday
7/25/2017 Tuesday
7/26/2017 Wednesday
7/27/2017 Thursday
7/28/2017 Friday
7/29/2017 Saturday
7/30/2017 Sunday
7/31/2017 Monday
8/1/2017 Tuesday
8/2/2017 Wednesday
8/3/2017 Thursday
8/4/2017 Friday
8/5/2017 Saturday
8/6/2017 Sunday
8/7/2017 Monday
8/8/2017 Tuesday
8/9/2017 Wednesday
8/10/2017 Thursday
8/11/2017 Friday
8/12/2017 Saturday
8/13/2017 Sunday