Thank you for your interest in Scientist in the Classroom! Please fill out this application completely and in detail, the information you provide will help us find a scientist in your area who matches class's needs. Before filling out the application, please read through the following program expectations: 

Program Description:

In the Scientist in the Classroom program, scientists and teachers work together as collaborators. Your matched scientist will visit your class twice. The first visit will take place at the beginning of the semester. During this visit, scientists share the story of how and why they became a scientist, what their research entails, and what their day-to-day life is like as a scientist. During the second visit, you and the scientist will do a jointly planned activity or experiment related to either evolution or climate change. You should feel free to ask the scientist to help you cover particular topics or standards, if that would be most helpful. After the two visits, you and your matched scientist may choose to continue to work together, but the formal program lasts only one semester.

Program Expectations:
  • Attend or watch our one hour, training webinar.
  • Let the scientist know ASAP if there is any paperwork they need to fill out in order to volunteer at your school.
  • Work with your scientist to plan the two in-class visits, the first to introduce the scientist to the class and the second to have the scientist do an activity related to evolution or climate change with the students.
  • Orient your scientist to your students: What are they like? Where are they from? What level class (honors? AP? intro?) will the scientist be visiting and what content knowledge do the students already have?
  • Commit the time to work with your scientist to create a quality activity that will be fun and relevant for your class, or incorporate the scientist into an activity you already do.
  • Prepare your class for the scientist’s visits. Encourage them to think of questions for the scientist before the visit.
  • Complete surveys throughout the semester to keep us up-to-date on your progress!

Applications are accepted year-round and we will be in touch when we are making matches for the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Questions? Please contact Claire Adrian-Tucci at

Please allow 15-20 minutes to finish the entire survey in one sitting, as SurveyMonkey does not allow you to continue an incomplete application once you have left the website.