Published by the Center for Dairy Excellence

* 1. Is your operation CURRENTLY producing milk for sale? 

* 2. If you answered yes to question #1, what Pennsylvania county are all or most of your dairy cows housed in?

* 3. If you answered no to question #1, please answer the following questions then scroll to the bottom of the survey and hit 'submit'.

* 4. How many DAIRY COWS are currently on your operation?

* 5. How many HEIFERS are currently on your operation, including heifer CALVES?

* 6. How much milk was produced on this operation yesterday (one day's production, in pounds)?

* 7. Approximately how many pounds of milk were produced on this operation in 2016?

* 8. What was the typical Somatic Cell Count for your herd for the past year (only check one)?

* 9. In what year was the primary operator born and gender of the primary operator?

* 10. How many other individuals (partners) are involved in the day-to-day management decisions for this operation? Include both family and non-family partners but exclude other hired workers.

* 11. Referring to question #10, how many of these individuals are in the following age groups?

* 12. How many HOUSEHOLDSincluding your own, share in the profit/loss of this operation?

* 13. When you consider retirement, is it likely a relative would continue the dairy operation?

* 14. When you consider retirement, is it likely a non-relative would continue the dairy operation?

* 15. In which type of FACILITY do you currently house most of your cows that are being milked?

* 16. In what year were your facilities last upgraded, expanded or significantly improved?

* 17. Where do you see this dairy operation in the next five years?

* 18. Please estimate your number of milk cows in 2022.

* 19. If you sell your herd within the next five years, what will be the most likely reason?

* 20. Approximately what percent (%) of your annual gross income is from the sale of the following:  

* 21. Do you use a parlor milking system, and/or expect to use one in 2022? (Include all types of parlors.)

* 22. Do you use intensively-managed rotational grazing or intend to in 2022?

* 23. Did you invest in FACILITY improvements or additions in 2012-2017? (Check all that apply)

* 24. Do you plan to invest in FACILITY improvements or additions in the next five years? (Check all that apply)

* 25. (Check all that apply): In the last five years, have you done any of the following:

* 26. (Check up to THREE items): What are the THREE most limiting factors to increasing the size of your dairy operation?

* 27. (Check up to TWO items): The following statement best describes my farm's future: 

* 28. Crop and pasture acres questions?

* 29. How important are the following in improving business performance for your dairy in the next 3-5 years?

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Increasing milk production per cow
Increasing milk components per cwt
Improving udder health
Decreasing cost of production per cwt
Stabilizing milk price volatility
Increasing herd size
Maximizing milk price per cwt
Decreasing purchased feed amount/maximizing homegrown feed production

* 30. (Check all that apply): What MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENTS do you expect to make within the next 5 years on your dairy operation?

* 31. Rate the importance of these factors needed for your dairy operation.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Facility Upgrades or Housing Improvements
Loan Availability
Labor Availability - (full-time, part-time, relief milkers)
Computerized Systems - (financial records, breeding or production records)
Outside Advisors - (financial, legal, nutritional consultants)
Land Availability
Milk Hauling Services

* 32. Have you received income from natural gas related activity within the past 5 years?

* 33. If you received funds from natural gas related activity, did this:

* 34. Optional - We are asking for your email address so we can notify you of the results of this study and other information from the Center for Dairy Excellence in a way that avoids paying for postage (all information is confidential).