1. Student-Athlete Information

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In this system you will register for any of Triangle's FREE Fall Programs [i.w. Open gyms, Skills clinics, and GameON!] for Junior Girls and complete a Medical and Liability Waiver if you did NOT participate on a Triangle team during the 2017 club season.

For BOYS OPEN GYMS please review and complete a different survey HERE

NOTE: Registration for all other fall programs [Youth, Classic, Xtreme, AP Groups, PowerCore, etc] is done through our website and the Oasys registration system.


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* 1. Enter STUDENT-ATHLETE information:

* 2. Please enter your student-athlete's birthdate:


* 3. Please enter the student-athlete's school or indicate 'homeschool' if you are homeschooled.

* 5. From the list below select your appropriate USAV age. We have included grade as a reference but it is age that ultimately determines eligibility. Please note the following about age/grade considerations:

  • Athletes under 10/5th grade will play 11's or possible 12's depending on a variety of factors. We do not have teams less than 11's.
  • Grade is not the primary determinant of USAV age. It is the age of the athlete on September 1st of 2018.
  • Athletes are not allowed to 'play down' [i.e. play an age group lower than indicated above]
  • Generally speaking Triangle looks to keep athletes in their 'peer group' [aka grade level] when possible. We don't consider a USAV age level 13 who is in 8th grade to be 'playing up' if they play 14's
  • Generally speaking Triangle does not have athletes 'play up' [aka a USAV 13's in 7th grade does not typically play 14's]

Questions? info@trianglevolleyball.org or 919-544-9400