Deadline is Wed., March 1.

Your answers will help us create a better experience possible for our member-owners and customers. Please leave your contact info at the end of this survey if you would like to be entered to win one of three $50 Co-op gift cards. 

1. What is your relationship to Hunger Mountain Co-op? Please check all that apply.

2. Other than the Co-op, where do you most frequently purchase the following types of products? Select one location per category. If the location you purchase items isn't listed as an option, please include it in the text box below.

  Montpelier Shaw's Berlin Shaw's Hannaford Price Chopper Online Don't buy
Fresh fruits and veggies
Bulk foods (grains, beans, nuts, coffee, etc.)
Meat, fish, and seafood
Dairy and nondairy (milk, eggs, yogurt, soy, etc.)
Grocery items (cereal, juice, canned goods, etc.)
Frozen foods
Bread and baked goods
Beer and wine
Deli, café, and ready-to-eat foods
Body care items (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)

3. What percentage of your grocery shopping is done at Hunger Mountain Co-op?

4. On average, how often do you shop at Hunger Mountain Co-op?

5. Choose up to three factors, which if implemented, would cause you to increase the amount you shop at our Co-op.

6. How well are we meeting your needs with respect to the following areas?

  5 Very Well 4 3 2 1 Poorly No Opinion
Product selection/variety
Product quality
Freshness of products
Cleanliness of store
Availability of natural/organic foods
Availability of local foods
Information about our products and related topics
Overall store

7. How well are we meeting your product needs in the following categories?

  5 Very Well 4 3 2 1 Poorly  No Opinion
Grocery items (cereal, juice, canned goods etc.)
Dairy and nondairy (milk, eggs, yogurt, soy, etc.)
Fresh fruits and veggies
Frozen foods
Meat, fish and seafood
Deli, café, and ready-to-eat foods
Beer and wine
Bread and baked goods
Bulk foods (grains, beans, nuts, coffee, etc.)
Wellness (personal care, vitamins, supplements, and herbs)
Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan
Overall products

8. We have seen a decline in bulk food purchases over the last three years and are looking to see what's changed in our shoppers buying habits. Choose all of the factors, which if implemented, would cause you to increase the amount of bulk foods you purchase.

9. Please rate your satisfaction with these aspects of the Co-op's customer service:

Very Satisfied
4 3 2 1
Very Dissatisfied
No Opinion
Knowledgeable staff
Availability of staff
Friendly and courteous staff
Responsiveness to customer comments, suggestions, and feedback
Customer service desk
Product returns
Product special orders
Member-owner services
Products demonstrations and samples
Overall customer service

10. Please indicate how well you think our council is performing each of its leadership functions.

  5 Very Well 4 3 2 1 Poorly No Opinion
Long-term strategic planning
Making leadership decisions, as well as setting policy for the general manager
Communicating to member-owners
Taking legal responsibility to manage member-owners' investments

11. Indicate to the extent to which you feel that our Co-op....

  5 Very Well 4 3 2 1 Poorly No Opinion
Helps to create a sense of community
Promotes environmental stewardship
Makes ethical decisions
Has a positive influence on your health
Is a valued source of information about food and health issues
Supports the local food economy

12. How likely would you be to recommend Hunger Mountain Co-op to a friend or a colleague?

13. What are your interests and activities? Check all that apply.

14. Do you support Hunger Mountain Co-op continuing our "Give Change" program, where you can round up your purchase to the next full dollar to support a local nonprofit?

15. Our Co-op is reviewing its current member-owner discount programs for possible changes in the future. More information about this topic is available here. Do you think the Co-op should...

16. If the Co-op continues to offer member-owner discount programs, what basis do you prefer we use to determine benefits? Rank these in order, with one being the most important to you.

17. If the Co-op determines that significant changes are needed to member-owner discounts, do you prefer these changes are made...

18. Our Co-op seeks to create the best shopping and community experience for our member-owners and customers. Please share with us any suggestions you have on how we can better serve your needs.

19. To be entered to win one of three $50 Co-op gift cards, complete the following:

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