Welcome to the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark 2017 survey.

  • This is the fourth year for the Global Benchmark and we have made some important updates.  We highly recommend that you download the pdf of the survey and the instruction guide below to help you ensure that your submission is complete, efficient and clear.  Use the pdf of the survey to gather all of your required information so that you can complete the survey submission efficiently.
Survey questions -  Global Benchmark 2017
Guidelines and Instructions - Global Benchmark 2017

The survey outline remains the same as in prior years,
  • organization questions # 1-11
  • scoring questions # 12-35
  • open-ended questions # 36-42
Most scoring questions require evidence to be provided. This is clearly indicated by:
  •  next to a response option    -or-  
  •   by the Evidence option on the given questions  
Refer to the Guidelines and instructions - Global Benchmark 2017  to ensure that the evidence submitted is clearly linked to a specific question.

As in prior years, progress will be saved automatically, you can Save/Exit using the button at the upper right of the screen and come back later to pick up where you left off.

None of the information you provide through this survey (including any evidence submitted) will be made public without your explicit consent.

The final submission date for the benchmark survey is May 31, 2017 at 23:59.

7% of survey complete.