Nominations for Brian Chater Leadership Award, Entrepreneur Award & Unsung Hero Award

In its first two years, CIMA’s Celebration and Awards Gala has recognized 19 Canadian heavyweights for their immense contributions to our indie music. In 2017, we’re ready to honour the next set of passionate pros, pulling from all branches and levels of the biz. What began as our 40th anniversary celebration is now an annual party to give props to those who innovatively create, support and strengthen Canada’s independent music. CIMA members and your staff – here’s your chance to nominate yourselves, your mentors, peers, employees and partners for the Brian Chater Leadership Award, Entrepreneur Award and Unsung Hero Award categories!

Please submit up to three names for consideration, along with no more than 50-300 words per nominee, explaining why you believe each individual has notably contributed to Canada's independent music community. This part is important, as it helps jurors understand from another perspective why each candidate is suitable. All nominees and nominators must be staff of CIMA member companies/employees in good standing. Please note: nominator information will be kept private.

Brian Chater Leadership Award
(Past winners: 2015: Pegi Cecconi of SRO-Anthem; 2016: Neill Dixon of Canadian Music Week)

Named after CIMA’s former president (then CIRPA), a tireless proponent of copyright reform and Canadian music, this award acknowledges individuals in our independent music industry who demonstrate a transformative commitment to their craft. The Brian Chater Leadership Award celebrates anyone in the independent music industry, whose passionate and innovative approach has redefined best practices over the years. These true leaders have set the tone for vibrant and sustainable models across any area of the independent music industry in Canada.

Entrepreneur Award
(Past winners: 2015: Jeffrey Remedios of Universal Music, formerly of Arts & Crafts; 2016: Joel Carriere of Dine Alone Records)

The CIMA Entrepreneur Award celebrates fearless vanguards and trendsetters who spearhead and drive successful businesses, emerging or established, with an ethical approach and a true indie spirit. Focusing on the contribution(s) of a dynamic and creative leader, the Entrepreneur Award is given to those who combine a passion for music with business savvy to turn their visions into a reality. Compounding professionalism with an out-of-the -box managing style, Entrepreneur Award recipients are the owners, risk-takers and shape-shifters who lead the way into the next era of the music industry.

Unsung Hero Award
(Past winners: 2015: Jack Long of Long & McQuade Musical Instruments; 2016: Richard Flohil)

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes unwavering commitment and outstanding support to the Canadian independent music industry. This award is designed to recognize any individual, group, or organization that may not necessarily be on the industry’s ‘awards radar’ but yet has made an outstanding and exceptional contribution to the independent music community in Canada.

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