All Roeper alumni are invited to respond to this Call for Nominations of candidates to serve as Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees.  The following information is provided for the consideration of all alumni: 

TERM OF OFFICE:  This is a two-year term of office beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2019. 

ELIGIBILITY:  All Roeper graduates and former students are eligible for nomination.  No alumnus/a may serve more than four consecutive two-year terms in this position, nor may any alumnus/a serve more than a total of eight terms in this capacity. 

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: The Board is the guardian of the schools mission and philosophy.  The Board manages the business and affairs of the corporation; it has a fiduciary responsibility for the school.  The Board’s responsibilities specifically include hiring and evaluation of the Head of School, approving the annual budget and strategic planning.  Other Board responsibilities are generally stated in the bylaws sections on other committees.  While the Board “oversees” the administration of the school, the board is careful not to impinge on the role of the school’s administrators and acts as a support and resource for the administration. Additionally, trustees are strongly encouraged to support the school financially to the best of the trustee’s ability. 

The Board has regular meetings on the fourth Monday in September, November, January and March.  The Annual Meeting is on the Monday following the school’s commencement ceremony.  Special meetings are occasionally held as necessary and with appropriate notice.  Pre-meeting Board packets including agendas are distributed for review by trustees prior to all meetings. 

In addition to participation in full Board activities, each trustee is assigned to one standing committee.  The standing committees are: Executive (generally comprised of the officers), Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Development, Education, Policy and Bylaws, Trusteeship, and Scholarship and Financial Aid.  Each committee is chaired by a trustee and is responsible for setting its own schedule and reporting at regular and annual meetings on its work.  The Executive Committee assigns trustees to the various committees on a year-to-year basis.  If a trustee has an interest in serving on a particular committee, she/he should so advise the Board Chair. 

EXPENSES:  Limited expenses related to the Alumni Representative’s attendance at Board meetings, related meetings and school functions may be covered by the school, although the trustee should prepare for some out-of-pocket expenses.  Reimbursed expenses shall not exceed $1,000 over the course of the two-year term. 

NOMINATION PROCEDURES:  Alumni may nominate other alumni for this position or they may self-nominate. If an alumnus/a nominates another alumnus/a, the nominee must be consulted before their name is submitted. 

Each nominee will supply a brief statement (500 words of less) explaining their interest in serving as Alumni Representative. All alumni will be notified when the voting period begins for the election of the Alumni Representative. 

QUESTIONS:  Alumni with questions regarding the nomination and election process are encouraged to contact Juliette Olejnik at 248-203-7314 or 
A complete list of the The Roeper Board of Trustees can be viewed at

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Thank you for submitting your nomination. We truly appreciate your engagement in the process and participation in the success of Roeper!