1. Welcome to the 2017 CA-NV Rate Survey

This survey of water rates is a joint effort of AWWA California-Nevada Section (CA-NV), Raftelis Financial Consultants and the California Data Collaborative (CaDC).  

This partnership provides exciting opportunities to further our collective understanding of water pricing by leveraging recent technological advances, namely the CaDC Open Water Rate Specification (OWRS) data format.

This next generation standardized data will serve as an ongoing resource for your utility that can be incorporated into tools and analytics to help your reliability objectives. 

Thank you for your time
As token of our gratitude for completing this survey, you will be granted select access to the CaDC Statewide Efficiency Explorer (SEE). The SEE is a planning tool developed with publicly available data to offer water managers a first glance at their water use compared to potential water efficiency goals under consideration in California.

Details and Privacy
This is a two part survey, with each part complimentary to the other.

The first portion of the survey is conducted here through SurveyMonkey. It provides the opportunity for contextual information and qualitative responses. Some information entered during this portion, including respondent email and address, are kept confidential.

The second portion of the survey is conducted through a separate website designed for the OWRS format. It gathers detailed quantitative information about the structure and pricing of your water rates. Responses to the second portion will form the basis of a public database of water rate information and as such are not confidential. 

As in previous years, this survey will include single family residential.  In addition, there is the option to input any customer class so this can serve as resource for your utility.  Completing the survey should take approximately 5 minutes per customer class with additional time for more complex rate structures. 

Please ensure that you have adequate time available before beginning as your responses cannot be saved part-way through. It would be helpful to have a copy of your current rate information and budget on hand before beginning.

For inquiries, please contact Kevin Kostiuk < KKostiuk@raftelis.com >.