Welcome to the 2017 Regional Wage & Benefit Study

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Regional Wage and Benefit Study.  This study involves completing a survey, the results of which will not only help your company benchmark its benefits against county and regional averages but also provide useful data for economic development in your community. This project is made possible through a partnership between Champaign Economic Partnership, Expand Greater Springfield, Logan County Chamber of Commerce, Madison County Future Inc., Union County Marysville Economic Development, and Ohio Means Jobs: Champaign, Clark, Logan, Madison, and Union.

Your participation in the survey is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time.  You are encouraged, however, to provide complete and accurate responses.  Your responses are confidential and will be combined with those of other participants. In other words, your responses will not be identifiable when the results are reported.  Completing the online survey serves as your consent to participate in this study.

Companies that have completed the benefit survey will receive a copy of the summarized results, along with wage data for Champaign, Clark, Logan, Madison, and Union Counties provided by the Dayton Development Coalition. The wage data provider, Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (ESMI), obtains quarterly wage estimates based on Occupational Employment Statistics (Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages, QCEW, and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended Proprietors). Survey results and wage data will be sent out to participating companies in September 2017. Companies that did not complete the benefit survey will not have access to survey results until January 2018.  

For the benefit survey, if your company has multiple facilities within the same county and the benefits are the same across facilities, please complete the survey items with all facilities within that county in mind. For example, if your company has two facilities and both are located in Logan county, one with 25 employees and the other with 30 employees, then the total number of employees would be 55 and the survey should be completed in terms of the benefits that apply to those 55 employees in Logan county.

If your company has multiple facilities within the same county but the benefits vary across facilities OR if your company has multiple locations in several counties (e.g., one facility in Champaign county and one facility in Clark county), please contact Dr. Wendy Gradwohl via email (wendygradwohl@gmail.com) or phone (937.475.6408) for instructions on how to complete the survey.

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