* 1. Workshop Title:

NOTE: Workshop sessions this year are 60 minutes long. If your material requires a longer time format, please consider presenting in Part 1 and Part 2 and indicate below.

* 2. Workshop material requires more than 60 minutes and a two-part workshop session is requested.

* 3. Conference Program Description:
This will be a brief description of your workshop that will appear in the conference program (maximum of 100 words).

* 4. Workshop Strand(s)

* 5. Primary Learning Objectives:
Approval to provide Continuing Education (CE) is applied for through ACVREP. For this purpose, learning objectives need to be listed for all workshops. Objectives need to be measurable and specific and should state what the participant is expected to learn. For example, “Participants will learn how to ..." Or “Participants will be able to ..." Please list up to three learning objectives which participants will gain through your workshop: