Social Movements: Ethics, Advocacy, and Activism in Contemporary Society

As with other professionals, anthropologists grapple with their role in society. The identities of
peoples with whom we work intersect with and are shaped inter-generationally by politics, communities,
economics, and the environment as driven largely by marginalization and systematic
discrimination. This has been noticed throughout history, and no less contemporarily, through
movements such as The Arab Spring, Black Lives Matters, NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline);
local and national discourse on border and immigration politics, marriage equality, and political
elections; and even areas of claimed objectivity such as scientific rigor. Applied anthropologists
at times find not only that their own identities intersect with the above elements, but their self-identities
also influence the decision-making within their professional and personal lives.
We welcome any and all community members, academics, activists and other practitioners to
submit proposals for papers, presentations, panels, workshops, and demonstrations that will facilitate
discussion and knowledge growth in relation to engaging in social movements, as well as
the professional and personal ethics related to engaging and/or disengaging through advocacy
and activism.

Deadline for Submission of Abstract or Presentation Proposals:  March 27, 2017

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