Please take just a couple of minutes to give us your opinions. Your responses will help keep the Village Board and Village Staff moving in the right direction! Thank you.

* 1. Please rate your opinion of the general quality of life in the Village of Grafton?

* 2. Please rate the following factors that contribute to the quality of life in the Village of Grafton.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Community Events (Giro d' Grafton, Fall Pumpkin Festival, Christmas Parade)
Existence Of Sidewalks & Street Lights
Family Aquatic Center
Landscaping, Planting, Public Art, Banners, etc.
Low Crime Rate
Organized Recreation Program
Park System
Type of Housing Choices
Proximity To Family/Friends
Proximity To Work
Quality of Village Services
Quality of Schools
Variety of Shopping
Quality of New Business attraction/development

* 3. Please rate the effectiveness of the Village in providing information to its residents about Village/Governmental activities (policies, meetings, services, etc.)

* 4. How would you rate the usefulness of each item for providing you with current information about Village activities?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Village Website 
Village e Newsletter - Village Voice
Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
News Graphic
Ozaukee Press
Semi-Annual Recreation Booklet (Electronic)
Annual Report (Electronic)
Chamber of Commerce communications

* 5. In general, how would you rate the overall quality of services you have received from the following departments?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Administrator's Office
Assessing Department
Clerk's Office
Finance Department
Fire Department
Inspection Department
Parks And Recreation Department
Planning And Development Department
Police Department
Public Works Department
Village Board
Wastewater Utility
Water Utility
IN QUESTIONS 6 - 12, Please rate the quality of the specific amenities provided by the Village:

* 6. Parks and Recreation

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Centennial Park
Lime Kiln Park
Veterans Memorial Park
Grafton Lions Park
River Island Park golf course
Paramount Plaza
Lumberyard Plaza
Adult Programs
Family Aquatic Center 
Senior Citizen Programs
Youth Programs
Online Program Registration

* 7. Public Works

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Brush Chipping/Collection
Garbage Pick-Up
Leaf Pick-Up
Residential Yard Waste Site
Snow Plowing/Ice Control
Street Cleaning
Street Maintenance/Pavement
Sidewalk Repair/Replacement
Street Tree Program/Trimming

* 8. Utilities

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Drinking Water quality
Wastewater service

* 9. Public Safety

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Emergency Medical Service
Fire Protection
Police Protection
Emergency Outdoor Warning Sirens

* 10. Inspection/Assessment

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Building Inspection
Property Assessment

* 11. Library

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Library Services
Library Programs

* 12. Election

  Excellent Good Fair Poor

* 13. For an average residential property with an estimated value of $250,000, the real estate property tax bill (paid late 2016/early 2017) was $4,972.50.

Below are the percentages of the tax levy for each of the five taxing districts:

Grafton and Cedarburg School Districts 51%
Village of Grafton 33%
Milwaukee Area Technical College 6%
Ozaukee County 8%
State of Wisconsin 1%

In relation to the current levels of services offered and/or facilities provided, how would you rate the current levels of taxation for each of the various taxing districts?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Village of Grafton
Ozaukee County
Grafton Schools (If Appropriate)
Cedarburg Schools (If Appropriate)
Milwaukee Area Technical College

* 14. How would you rate the following factors that reflect on Grafton as a place to live?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Appearance Of Neighborhoods
Proximity to Milwaukee
Amenities - Shopping/Restaurants/etc.
Cost of a House or Apartment
Low Crime Rate
Proximity to Family or Friends
Proximity to Place of Employment
School District
Types of House Or Apartment options
Suburban Community Atmosphere
County Atmosphere/Open Space
Village Services

* 15. Thank you for taking the time to complete the 2017 Community Survey. If you would like a chance to win the Grafton Area Chamber of Commerce donated $100 gift certificate, please fill in the following information: