At TPMA, we host monthly meetings on various Product Management topics. We would love to get your feedback on what topics would be the most value to you for future meetings!

What Event Topics Would You Most Like to See?

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* 1. What Event Topics Would You Most Like to See?

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Technical Product Management for Non-Tech PM's
Career Transitions to Product Management
Agile Methodologies
Omnichannel KPI's: Best Practices
Tours to Incubators or Learning Labs (MaRS, Centre for Social Innovation, J+J JLabs, York Yedi...)
Pricing Workshops
Games as a Product
Product Management & Innovation
The Varying Role of Product Management in the Organization
How to Manage Without Authority: Selling from Within
Careers in Product Management
Product Management Disasters
Trends: Machine Learning, AR, VR
Design-Driven Product Management
Pitching the Business Case to Angel / VC's / VP's
Company Tour to learn their Product Management Processes (Pivotal, Ecobee...)