At TPMA, we host monthly meetings on various Product Management topics. We would love to get your feedback on what topics would be the most value to you for future meetings!

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* 1. What Event Topics Would You Most Like to See?

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Technical Product Management for Non-Tech PM's
Product Management & Innovation
How to Manage Without Authority: Selling from Within
Careers in Product Management
Pricing Workshops
Omnichannel KPI's: Best Practices
Agile Methodologies
Trends: Machine Learning, AR, VR
Tours to Incubators or Learning Labs (MaRS, Centre for Social Innovation, J+J JLabs, York Yedi...)
Pitching the Business Case to Angel / VC's / VP's
Career Transitions to Product Management
The Varying Role of Product Management in the Organization
Games as a Product
Product Management Disasters
Design-Driven Product Management
Company Tour to learn their Product Management Processes (Pivotal, Ecobee...)