* 1. How do you feel your student has settled into Isis High?

* 2. Did your student attend the two day Transition program in December 2016?

* 3. Do you believe the Transition program assisted your student in their move to high school?

* 4. From your student's reactions and feedback from the two day transition program, what were the two most beneficial aspects of it? (click 2 responses below)

* 5. In order to enrol here at Isis High, we meet with all students and parents in order to learn more about the student as well as ensure we are all on the same page regarding school expectations. Did you find this process helpful?

* 6. It has been tradition at Isis High to stagger the start of year levels on the first two days of the school year. This year, all Year 7, 9 and 11 students came on the first day, with the rest of the school joining them on the second day. As a parent / carer of a year 7 student, what are your feelings towards this staggered start process?

* 7. An important aspect of adolescence is learning to interact appropriately with others - students and adults. To assist students with this, we plan a number of focus days and camps across their high school years. In year 7, we have a Focus day in Term 1 and 2-day Camp in Term 4.

Is your student going to attend the Focus Day?

* 8. The Camp in Term 4 is two days, one night at Bucca Retreat. It involves both curriculum related activities as well as social and emotional development activities. Last year the camp cost $120 per student which covered all meals, travel to and from as well as the activities.
If the camp was of a similar nature (2 days, 1 night and cost approximately $120), would your student be attending this year?

* 9. Many of the students last year after the camp, wanted the camp to go for an additional day. This would add approximately $50 to the cost of camp.
Would your student attend camp if it was 3 days, 2 nights and cost approximately $170?

* 10. As we are starting to plan 2018 events, reflecting on the timing of the Focus Day and Year 7 Camp for this year, what would be your preferred timing of these events?

* 11. Do you have any other suggestions which could improve the transition to high school for future students?

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