Thank you for considering hosting an event as part of the Annual White River Festival, a project of the White River Alliance (Alliance). We look forward to working together to build a terrific event calendar and ensure that your event and organization receive a boost from being involved in the Festival! Once you've entered your event information below, we will verify that events meet the criteria, proofread and edit descriptions as necessary, and then post to the Festival website. You will need to send an image to accompany your event description. This can be a logo or even a stock shot. Please send your image to

As a reminder, these are the core Festival messages:
  • Our rivers and streams connect our communities and our lives.
  • Our rivers are dynamic systems – they change and we change them with our actions.
  • Our rivers and streams are invaluable to our economy, our health, our wildlife, and our rejuvenation.
Event hosts are asked to create events that reflect core Alliance and Festival values. Events should...
  • Celebrate the river
  • Inspire participants
  • Foster collaboration and build community
  • Create positive energy
  • Encourage reflection
  • Seek solutions
  • Offer fair and balanced viewpoints and provide opportunities for fair and balanced discussions
  • Honor the principles of civil discourse
Events should align with the vision of the Alliance by 'creating positive change through projects and educational initiatives that improve the White River Watershed for all users'.

* 1. Event Title:

* 2. Sponsoring Organization(s):

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* 5. Event Date (You may include a range of dates.)

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* 8. Location - Be as specific as possible (for example, 'Ornithology Center at Eagle Creek Park').

* 9. Street address - This will be mapped, so please be specific.

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* 12. Details about the location (optional) - For example, 'Follow signs to entrance' or 'First building on your right', etc.)

* 13. Event category

* 14. Event description -
Make sure your description includes a link to your own site, cost, registration information if necessary, etc. This description is where we have our chance to highlight the 'so what' of the event and how it connects to the White River, watersheds, water quality, creativity theme, Festival key messages, etc. Conveying the 'so what' somewhere in your description helps knit the Festival together across events.

* 15. Event description - 120 characters (includes spaces and punctuation)
We will use this description for our print materials and social media posts.

* 16. Call to Action: The Festival will be formally incorporating the Clear Choices Clean Water Program as the official call-to-action, and you will receive materials to distribute to guests at your event. Clear Choices encourages small behavior changes that improve the water quality in our rivers and streams. If your organization has an additional call-to-action for this event, please share it here. This might be something as simple as encouraging attendees to pick up litter at the river or challenging them to become involved in local watershed efforts. We want your attendees to leave inspired to take some action to improve the watershed!

* 17. Target audience
Please identify the groups, ages, etc. of the audience you hope to attract to your event.

* 18. Promotional strategies
List three ways you plan to promote your event to your target audience.