Thank you for considering nominating yourself or someone you know for the Women's Giving Fund Grants Committee. Please read the committee description, and then complete this form with as much information as you have available; the only required field is the nominee's name. The deadline for nominations is Thursday, September 28, 2017.

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* 7. Grants Committee members often possess one or more of the following areas of experience. Please check any that apply to the nominee.

* 8. Please list any affiliations (employment, membership, civic involvement, etc.) that might be relevant to the Grants Committee's work.

* 9. Please list any areas of diversity that might be pertinent to the committee's work.

* 10. (If this is not a self-nomination:) Please provide the nominator's name, phone, and email address.

* 11. (If this is not a self-nomination:) Has the nominee been contacted to determine their interest in being nominated?

* 12. If "yes," would the nominee be willing to serve if invited?

Thank you for your nomination!

Questions? Please contact Ollie Wilder at