CME Evaluation

Thank you for participating in the “Highlight on VACCINATIONS 4 TEENS ” session at the Reading CME Conference. If you would please complete this 5 question evaluation, that will help us with future programming. 

* 1. Prior to today’s event, were you aware of the adolescent vaccination coverage rates released by the CDC in 2015 or 2016?

* 2. After today’s program, are you more likely to emphasize the need for vaccinations in your discussions with your teen patients and/or their parents/guardians?

* 3. After attending today’s event, how likely are you to use the Highlight on VACCINATIONS 4 TEENS Resource Library of materials?

* 4. Do you feel the content of this program will be helpful in your future conversations with your teen patients and their parents/guardians about vaccinations?

* 5. Is there any additional content/information that you feel could be added?