When: September 11-12, 2017

Where:  Louisville Marriott East, 1903 Embassy Square Blvd, Louisville, KY 40299

What: This biennial event is sponsored by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education and Kentucky’s public colleges and universities. The conference provides governing board members and regents the opportunity to engage with state and national experts on the latest postsecondary issues and trends and network with board colleagues from other campuses. The mandatory state-level orientation program for CPE and campus board members appointed in 2017 will be offered at the conference.

Register now! Registration closes August 28, 2017

Registration Fees: This event is sponsored by CPE and Kentucky's public colleges and universities for trustees, regents, faculty, institutional leadership and state policy and legislative leaders. If you are interested in attending as an outside guest, a discounted fee of $150 is available, which includes all materials and admission to all conference events and meals. After registering, contact Heather Faesy at the link below to arrange payment. 

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