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BACKGROUND: The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) requests your feedback on proposed standards for Professional Athletic Training Education Programs (those programs leading to BOC exam eligibility). To view a complete version of these proposed Standards in a single document, click HERE.

These Standards are open for public comment from June 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2017. The feedback from this public comment period will be used to refine the proposed Standards into a final form which will be considered for adoption by the Commission. Once approved, the operational portion of the standards (sections I, II, IV, V – program logistics) will apply only to professional programs at the master’s degree level. However, the curricular content portion of the Standards (Section III - what programs must teach), will apply to ALL professional programs, replacing the Athletic Training Educational Competencies, 5th ed.  The specific date(s) of implementation will be determined and announced with the final approval of the Standards, but will not occur before the 2019-2020 academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: For the Operational Standards (program logistics - Sections I, II, IV, and V) you are asked to provide specific feedback for select individual Standards, however, you also have the opportunity to provide feedback on any Standard at the end of each section.

The proposed Standards are organized into the following sections:

Section I:  Program Design and Quality

Section II: Program Delivery  

Section III:  Curricular Content

Section IV:  Institutional Organization and Administration  

Section V: Program Resources

Click on the links above to complete the open comment for each section of the Standards.  You may comment on all sections, or any section(s) individually; there is no requirement to comment on all five sections. You may exit each section’s survey at any time and return to complete your responses at a later time.  However, if you choose to exit in the middle of section, you will be taken to the beginning of the section upon your return.  We encourage you to remember which page of the section you have completed prior to exiting the section so that you can advance to that page when you return.