Archdiocese of Wellington Synod Participation Booklet Questions

This survey is for people who live within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Wellington (between Masterton and Levin in the North Island down to Kaikoura and Westport in the South Island).

Read the relevant section of the Synod Participation Book before you answer the questions. The questions are "starters"for thought. Stay within the topic but you should not feel limited by the questions. 

You can respond to all or some of the topics and questions as you choose.  

Responding to the questions

When you click Next at the end of a topic your answer for that topic will be saved.

If you close your browser the answer will be retained.

If you go back to the survey on the same computer or device, you can begin again where you stopped.  You can go back to previous pages and make changes by clicking Prev.

When you have done all the questions you wish to do, go to the end of the survey (Question 10) and click Done. This submits your survey.

* 1. Go, you are find leaders
1. What can we do to respond to the challenge to lay people to "apply the Gospel to the transformation of society" (Evangelii Gaudium 102)
2. What can we do to encourage new initiatives and leadership in our faith communities in response to the needs outlined by Pope Francis in his interview with Eugenio Scalfari? (see quote in Synod Participation Booklet page 11)

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