Address, Accomodations, Kids, and Pets

* 1. Please enter your first & last name.

* 2. Please enter your physical address, including city and zip code.

* 3. Home Phone Number

* 4. Cell Phone (s)

* 5. Can you receive text messages on either cell?

* 6. Primary Email Address (the one you will check)

* 7. I authorize my contact information to be shared amongst Sweets host families for the purpose of team communications.

* 8. Do you own or rent your home?

* 9. If you rent, has the property owner given you written permission to temporarily add another household member? (NOTE: If "no", we unfortunately will not be able to place a player with you at this time.)

* 10. Accommodations provided for the player(s) (select all that apply) (Players may share a bedroom, but not a bed. Bedrooms of players cannot be shared with host family family members):

* 11. Are there any children living in the home (17 & under)?

* 12. If "Yes" - how many?

* 13. Are there pets in the household?

* 14. What type of pet?

* 15. How many pets do you have?