2017 NYYM Summer Sessions Evaluation

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our NYYM Summer Sessions evaluation. This is not an anonymous survey because Quakers have the testimonies of integrity and truth-telling. Also. This survey can be found by the general public and we would like to only take in responses from New York Yearly Meeting or Summer Sessions participants. Ergo, anonymous responses may not be kept.

At our 2017 Summer Sessions, New York Yearly Meeting approved moving forward with a Pay as Led process for our 2018 Summer Sessions. That has changed the focus and needs of this evaluation. We hope you'll take a moment to answer our questions honestly and with faithful consideration.

Sincerely,  Melanie-Claire Mallison
NYYM Sessions Committee clerk

* 1. Your Contact Information

* 2. IF YOU DID NOT ATTEND THIS YEAR: Have you attended NYYM Summer Sessions at Silver Bay in the past?

* 3. IF YOU DID NOT ATTEND THIS YEAR: If you have attended in the past, why were you unable to attend this year?

* 4. IF YOU DID NOT ATTEND THIS YEAR and you have never attended in the past, please tell us if you think a Pay as Led process would allow you to attend!