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The Standards Oversight Council (SOC) requests the participation of technical standard users and technical experts in its biennial Technical Standards Needs survey.

This 11-question survey requests feedback on technical standards that are expected to be revised in 2018 and 2019, additional standards that need revision or development, training for these standards, and implementing SOC's Guiding Principles.

SOC will use this information to prioritize upcoming projects and improve implementation of conservation practices across the state.  

* indicates questions that require responses.

* 1. Which affiliation best reflects your current work environment? Check only one. Please respond to the rest of the survey from that perspective.

* 2. On which type of conservation practices do you work? Check all that apply.

* 3. How have you previously participated in the Standards Oversight Council process for technical standard development or revision? Check all that apply.

* 4. The following standards are scheduled to be created or revised in the next two years. Based on your knowledge, rank how important you think it is to create or revise each standard in this time frame. In the comments section, provide input on the potential revisions for the work teams to consider, if any. If your work does not include use of a listed standard, please check "N/A."

  Not at all important Not too important Unsure Fairly important Very important N/A - Not applicable to my work.
Method for Predicting the Efficiency of Proprietary Filtration Devices (NEW, WDNR)
Non-Channel Erosion Mat (1052, WDNR)
Channel Erosion Mat (1053, WDNR)
Mulching (1058, WDNR)
Seeding (1059, WDNR)
Dewatering (1061, WDNR)
Ditch Checks (1062, WDNR)
Off-Site Drainage Diversion (1066, WDNR)

* 5. Are there technical standards not on the above list that need creation or revision? If so, please write which standards or topics and a brief explanation of your recommendations. Click these links to view NRCS standards or WDNR standards.

* 6. How do you prefer to obtain training on new or updated criteria for technical standards? Rank at least your top 3 in order of preference (1-3), with 1 being your preferred method.

* 7. If you would like to see trainings on a particular standard, list the standard in the box below. If possible, include recommendations for training content and setting.

As a helpful reminder, standards that have been recently revised via SOC's Modified or Full Processes are listed below. You may also click these links to view other NRCS standards or WDNR standards.
- Filter Strip (393) [NRCS]
- Pond (378) [NRCS]
- Grade Stabilization Structure (410) [NRCS]
- Nutrient Management (590) [NRCS]
- Vegetated Treatment Area (635) [NRCS]
- Water and Sediment Control Basin (638) [NRCS]
- Wetland Restoration (657) [NRCS]
- Vegetated Swale (1005) [WDNR]
- Land Application of Additives for Erosion Control (1050) [WDNR]**
- Water Application of Additives for Sediment Control (1051) [WDNR]**
**Webinar for these updates is available here.

List training requests here:

* 9. What is the greatest benefit provided to you by the Standards Oversight Council?

* 10. What other comments for SOC or the Custodian agencies (NRCS, WDNR) regarding SOC's process for technical standard revisions and development can you offer?

* 11. Would you like to subscribe to SOC's listserv to receive updates on technical standards associated with agricultural and rural land use (NRCS) and/or stormwater management related to urban and transportation uses (WDNR)? These listservs provide notifications of standard revision team solicitation, draft standards available for comment, and newly revised or published standards.

If you prefer not to leave your name here, you may sign up for SOC listservs at

  Already subscribed YES, subscribe me NO, do not subscribe me
NRCS Standards
WDNR Standards