About the training

WHAT: A series of five one-hour webinars geared toward increasing the educational effectiveness of K-12 teachers responsible for educating students with disabilities and at-risk concerns in the area of math. This series will be presented by Dr. Brad Witzel.

WHO: Educators, leaders, and coaches who support struggling learners in math including those with SLD and/or dyscalculia. 

 February 6, 2017
4-5pm MST
 “Focusing on the NonStrategic Math Learner” - Why students struggle with math
- Explicit and systematic instruction principles in math, including task analysis and formative assessment
- Establishing number sense for students with disabilities
 March 6, 2017
4-5pm MST
 “Learning Whole Number Operations”
- Introduction to the Concreate-Representational-Abstract Sequence of instruction (CRA)
- Strategies for computation of whole numbers
- Strategies for fluency and automaticity
 April 3, 2017
4-5pm MST
 “Let’s be Rational: Learning Integers, Fractions, Decimals”
 - Rational number reasoning and computation
-CRA-based Interventions with Rational Numbers
- Strategies for embedded fluency and automaticity
 May 1, 2017
4-5pm MST
 “Mathese: The Language of Mathematics”
- Language of mathematics
- Vocabulary development
- Schema-based problem solving
 June 5, 2017
4-5pm MST
 “Bridging the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap”  - Why students with disabilities should strive to learn advanced algebra
- Highlighting key math areas for development
- Accessing secondary math concepts