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Welcome to the Stakeholder Engagement Community's first annual Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation Practitioners Survey!

Participation is key to its success as the more responses, the better the data will be. Help us to create a definitive report of the stakeholder engagement and consultation industry by taking 12-15 minutes to complete the following survey.

Who should take the survey? Does your role involve any of the following: community/public/citizen/civic engagement or consultation, public participation, public outreach/input/involvement, stakeholder relations, Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nation consultation or engagement, or regulatory/sustainability compliance? If the answer is yes, then we highly encourage you to respond to this survey. 

Why take the survey? The results of the survey will be amalgamated into a comprehensive report and made available for free download in early 2018. The report will provide those working in stakeholder engagement and consultation with an insight into this emerging and progressive area of expertise. It will offer an idea into the current state of the industry - how often organizations are consulting, what tactics and tools are being used, and what are considered best practices.

Don't worry, all answers are anonymous. 

Thank you in advance,
The Stakeholder Engagement Community team

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