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Key Outcomes Achieved: The pilot delivered on planned activities, outcomes, and impacted the following areas: 

     Eight Elements of Transformation: Integration of Care, PCPCH Development, Alternative Payment Methodologies,
     Electronic Health Records, Health Literacy, Diverse Staff, Eliminate Disparities

     Community Health Improvement Plan Health Impact Areas: Access, Behavioral Health, Child Health, Chronic Disease
     Prevention and Management, Maternal Health

     Targeted Strategies: Peer Support, Navigation, Behavioral Health Integration and Collaboration

     Measures and outcomes from the grid
Health Improvement: The pilot had a significant impact in the health or healthcare for IHN-CCO members.
Health Equity: The pilot defined an approach for fair opportunities for members to be as healthy as possible.
Improved Access: The pilot activities resulted in improved access of healthcare; availability of services, culturally considerate care, and quality and appropriate care to IHN-CCO members.
Transformational: The pilot activities created a newly imagined form, function, or structure of health care delivery. The pilot created opportunities for innovation and new learning for the DST.
Barriers: The pilot identified and sufficiently explained barriers and how the barriers were overcome.
Partnerships and Collaboration: The pilot developed partnerships or collaborated with previously unrelated organizations and/or resources. It established new connections within and between the healthcare delivery system, the community, and community services.
Resource Investment: The pilot was a good use of funds; the pilot impacted a large number of IHN-CCO members or strongly affected a high-need population.
Reduced Costs: The pilot has the potential to reduce costs or the pilot targeted an area of healthcare associated with rising costs.
Sustainability: The activities and impacts of the pilot are self-sustaining. The pilot project or impact will continue for at least a year. It would be beneficial to replicate this pilot in other organizations or programs.

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Note: This scorecard version used for pilots approved in the 2017 or prior RFP.