NAIOP Minnesota's President's Award is given to an individual deserving recognition for outstanding service to the commercial real estate industry as founder, catalyst, or promoter of the industry's economic or professional growth; for service to NAIOP; and/or for service to the community.

Nominations need to be submitted by NAIOP members.

Previous recipients of the President's Award
2016 David Kordonowy
2015 Pat Mascia
2014 Eva Stevens
2013 Mark Reiling
2011 Jeff Eaton
2010 Clint Miller
2009 Matt Van Slooten
2008 Jean Kane
2007 Mike McElroy
2006 Arne Cook
2005 Whitney Peyton
2004 John Davis
2003 Larry Pobuda
2002 Dennis Doyle
2001 Mike Meents
2000 Kathy Young
1999 Boyd B. Stofer
1997 Robert L. Hoffman
1996 David Jellison
1995 Stewart R. Stender
1994 Steve Hoyt
1993 William C. Tobin
1992 Ken. Stensby
1991 Rick Collins
1990 Ed Harrington
1989 William S. Reiling
1988 Robert Boblett, Sr.
1987 Marion Freed
1986 Helen Brooks
1985 Joe Shaw, Tom Holtz, and John Gabrielson

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