Patient Satisfaction 2017

* 1. When was your most recent visit to our clinic?

* 2. Was this your First Visit to our clinic?

* 3. Which provider did you see on your most recent visit to our clinic?

* 4. Did your appointment with your provider start early, late or on time?

* 5. If your provider was late, how late was he/she?

* 6. During your most recent visit, did your healthcare provider listen carefully to you?

* 7. How well did your provider answer your questions?

* 8. How well did your provider explain your follow-up care?

* 9. During your most recent visit, did your healthcare provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?

* 10. How comfortable was the lobby and exam room?

* 11. How friendly was our Front Office Staff when you arrived at our office?

* 12. Was our Front Office Staff able to answer your questions upon check-in?

* 13. Was our Medical Assistant Staff courteous and caring in their interactions with you?

* 14. In the last 12 months, when you phoned your healthcare provider’s office to get an appointment for care you needed right away, how often did you get an appointment as soon as you needed?

* 15. If you left a message for your provider, how quickly did our Clinical Staff return your phone call?

* 16. How likely are you to recommend our clinic to family, friends or colleagues?

* 17. Is there anything you would like to comment on or suggest for us to improve?