Thank you for your interest in registering for one of the "Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator" Workshops. These workshops are conducted by the Ohio Department of Public Safety's EMS for Children Program.  This half-day workshop is designed to introduce the Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator concept to EMS coordinators, practitioners, and leaders throughout the state of Ohio.

A Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (or PECC) is the designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care for his or her EMS agency.  Some activities for the PECC may include:

• identifying gaps and ensuring that resources to care for children are available

• maintaining a relationship with the state EMS for Children infrastructure

• establishing and maintaining evidence-based offline and online pediatric EMS protocols

• establishing quality improvement plans with pediatric-specific indicators

More information is available at Select "EMS for Children" from the main menu.

Registration is now CLOSED for PECC Workshops.