Dear Older Ohioans and Caregivers:


Welcome to the Ohio Department of Aging’s 2017 Statewide Needs Assessment survey.  The Ohio Department of Aging (ODA) is conducting this survey to collect your opinions to help us understand what matters most to our Ohioans.  Your perspectives will be joined with many other Ohioans’ responses and will immediately be put to good use to inform the creation of Ohio’s 2019-2022 State Plan on Aging.  This four-year State Plan will guide the programs and services for Ohio’s older adults. 

This survey is designed to allow you to answer anonymously and consists of easy-to-answer multiple-choice questions.  It should take you only 10-15 minutes to complete.  Because your survey responses are anonymous, you must leave your survey window open until you complete the survey.  Survey responses will be lost if you accidentally close your survey window before completing the survey.  Clicking “done” at the end of the survey means that your responses will be successfully saved and recorded in the survey tool.   If you accidentally close your window before completing the survey, we hope that you’ll start a new survey.

If you are an older adult completing this survey on behalf of another older Ohioan, please consider taking this survey again to share your perspectives. After you close this survey, you will be redirected to our website where you will find the link to take it again.  

Thank you for your time and contributions.  We value your perspective and greatly appreciate your participation in this important survey effort.


Stephanie M. Loucka
Director, Ohio Department of Aging