NYSPA-Wide Positions

Each year, an attempt is made to secure the nomination of at least two persons for each position to be elected. You are encouraged to nominate two or more individuals for each vacancy. Please nominate for NYSPA-wide offices and only those divisions of which you are a member.

If you are not sure of your division membership, you may call (518) 437-1040, email nyspa@nyspa.org, or login to the NYSPA website (www.nyspa.org) and select "My Groups" from your profile menu.

Nominations & Elections Committee Members: Roy Aranda, PsyD, JD (Chair),  David Byrom, PhD (At Large), Leonard Davidman, PhD (At Large), Robin Lynch, PhD (At Large), Julie Shaw, EdD (Division), Susan Warshaw, EdD, ABPP, (Division) Rochelle Balter, PhD, JD (Region), Barbara Fontana, PhD (Region)


* NYSPA President-Elect

* NYSPA Treasurer (term ends 12/31/2020)