Online Registration Form

The Arkansas Department of Education provides orientations for teachers, library media specialists, and school counselors interested in National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) candidacy.

Orientation attendance is required to receive the application for possible state funding (paying the $1,900.00 NBPTS component  fee).  PLEASE NOTE: Full state funding applicants must have at least three years of teaching experience in an Arkansas public school to apply. The years taught with a provisional (two-year) teaching license do count toward the required three years to apply for full state funding.

Due to space limitations, orientation registration is on a first-come basis. If registration reaches maximum capacity, candidates will be given the opportunity to register for another location. PLEASE REGISTER TO ATTEND ONLY ONE (1) ORIENTATION. Click SUBMIT when finished.

You will get a "Thank You" screen when successful. If not, correct all error messages which will be highlighted in red then click SUBMIT.


* Which of the following best describes your employment in an Arkansas public school:

* Number of years taught with a standard (5-years) teaching license in an Arkansas public school.

* Please choose ONE (1) orientation. If an orientation closes, you will receive an email to allow you to register for another orientation. All orientations are on a Saturday except Helena/West Helena and West Memphis they are on a Thursday evening.

Each orientation begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at noon. Sign-in begins at 8:30 a.m.  Helena/West Helena and West Memphis will begin at 4:00 pm and concludes at 6:00 pm.  Sign-in begins at 3:30 pm.

It is NOT necessary to bring a printed copy of this form. You may wish to bring a writing utensil.
For directions to an orientation site from your location, please use an online map service like Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps.