Extended Deadline: December 31, 2016


The NARST classroom teacher/informal educator scholarships have been established to affirm NARST’s commitment to connecting research and practice of science education. The scholarships will financially support K-12 science teachers and informal science educators, who collaborate with NARST members on research projects, to participate in and present research papers at the NARST annual conference.

What do the scholarships cover?

Scholarships are not meant to cover the full cost associated with attending the NARST conference. Rather, they are intended to defray some of the cost of attending the conference.  The scholarships may be used for air travel, ground transportation, and conference registration fees. All applicants will need to register and pay for their own fees before attending the conference. Reimbursement of expenses will be made after the conference when a paper has been presented.

Number of Scholarships and scholarship amount:

We plan to offer 9 scholarships at the amount of $700.00 per scholarship.

Who is eligible to get the scholarships?

Science teachers and informal science educators, either from the US or abroad, are eligible to receive the NARST Teacher/Informal Educator Scholarships, on the following conditions:
  1. The teacher/educator should be currently practicing at the elementary, secondary, or tertiary level, or in informal science education at the time of the 2017 NARST International Conference.
  2. The teacher should be actively working together or have worked together, with one or more NARST members, in a research project. The project should be ongoing or have a completion date not earlier than April 2017.
  3. A presentation (in any format) about this project must have been accepted for inclusion in the program of the 2017 NARST International conference. The teacher/educator may either be a first author or collaborating author on the paper to be presented.
  4. Preference will be given to applicants (a) who are first authors of the paper to be presented and (b) those who have not received a scholarship in previous years. Consideration will also be given to the applicant’s financial need.
Note: Only one application/nomination per NARST member/PI/Advisor will be considered in the first round of the selection process.

Scholarship application procedures:

Applications can only be made by current NARST members for one or more science teachers/educators with whom they collaborate.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following information:
  1. A written statement (a maximum of 300 words) describing the nature of your collaboration with the nominated teacher/informal educator. 
  2. A written statement (a maximum of 300 words) describing the professional development benefits you expect the teacher/educator to obtain from participating in the annual conference
  3. The title and abstract for your presentation
  4. The 5-page conference proposal submitted in August 2016 and accepted for presentation at the 2017 NARST international conference
  5. Anticipated expenses
  6. Other sources of funding 
  7. Any extenuating circumstances
(Please see or the following page for more details about each component of the application.)