2017 Mentor Committment Form


Thank you for considering/committing to support the Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection with your time and talent serving as a mentor corporation or sponsor. Please take a moment to complete the following form for our records.

1. Please provide us with your contact information

2. Please provide a secondary contact from your organization

3. In what capacity will you or your corporation support the program in 2017 ? Check all that apply.

4. Please share your preference as it relates to the type of business to develop in 2016. Example, any small business, professional services, construction, etc. please be as specific as you can.

5. Will you be nominating a small business for the 2017 program? 

6. Would you be interested in any of the following? Check all that apply.

7. Will you be able to identify the necessary subject matter experts within your organization to further develop your protégé in the disciplines below? Please check all that apply- those left blank we will assist you with to help round out the program.

8. Do you plan to provide supplemental training to your protégé (internal or external) related to your specific industry?

9. What is your motivation for mentoring in our program?

10. Would you like to offer any training to our protege class or alumni? If so, share with us what type of training. Examples ( Marketing, Risk Management, Bid Proposal Writing, Innovation, etc)

11. For veteran mentors: How has serving as a mentor/supporter of MPC enriched you this year? If it hasn't, share with us some ways we might accomplish that objective.

12. For new mentors: What expectations do you have for the upcoming experience of mentorship in our program?

13. Would you be willing to serve on one or more of the following committees? Check all that apply

14. The Mentor Vetting Day is slated for Wednesday September 7, 2016 at AT&T. This day is our " Shark Tank Experience" which allows the opportunity for protege candidates to pitch their business and why they should be a part of the 2017 class. Mentors are strongly encouraged to attend to ensure matching compatibility and preference. Will you be able to attend? This is your best chance to see candidates and choose those you desire to mentor most.

15. Would you like information on Best Practices for Mentoring Small Businesses?

16. SAVE THE DATE for December 7th, 2016 as we graduate the 2016 Class and enjoy a holiday celebration amongst our mentors, sponsors and MPC Alumni.

For more information on the 2017 class schedule visit www.georgiampc.org or contact Veronica Maldonado- Torres veronicam@georgiampc.org

Thank you for completing this quick survey!