2017 Master Teacher

Each year the Master Teacher Award honors a full-time counselor, academic advisor, librarian, or teaching faculty member who exemplifies excellence in education. The Master Teacher is someone whose contributions to the educational profession are clear, powerful, and timely.

This year the Faculty Development Committee is asking you to use the online form (new!) to send us the name of a colleague or colleagues who you believe deserve the award. We ask that you please let your nominee know that you are nominating him/her.

Please provide a rationale for your nomination by either writing it on the nomination or submitting a letter of support describing your reasons for the nomination. Individuals who are nominated will be asked to make a presentation based on the rationale provided in the nomination. Nominees will be asked to make a presentation on December 5 between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

Nomination forms must be submitted by 5pm, on Friday, November 24.

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Please review the following ten criterion statements, and provide specific examples for each criterion – i.e., wherever possible or applicable.

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